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Our Preschool focuses on fundamentals such as mastering letters and numbers, developing fine motor skills and social skills, learning through creative and imaginative play as well as building character and growing spiritually through Bible stories. Our preschool offers flexible scheduling with part and full time options



Our Kindergarten builds a solid foundation in reading, writing, and arithmetic. Students are able to read by Christmas and learn how to write in cursive and manuscript this year. They are taught all subjects, including science and history, from a biblical perspective. Parents are amazed at how much their child learns in just one school year. Our Kindergarten offers half day and full day options.



Our 1st through 6th grade teachers build on that foundation by further developing reading and writing skills. Students continue to be taught from a biblical perspective as they learn all the core subjects along with Art, Music, and Physical Education. Our upper elementary students also learn the technology needed to prepare them for junior high. 


Junior High

Our Junior High program helps develop independence to prepare these students for high school, while also further developing their academic skills. Our teachers strive to help these students grow spiritually, academically, and socially as they navigate this new phase of life. All of our 1st through 12th grade students participate in special Thanksgiving and Spring Performances.

High School

Our high school program focuses on preparing students for college and life after high school. Students must complete the required courses by the state of Ohio in order to graduate. We also incorporate practical life skills to help students as they become adults, while keeping the focus on God and His Word. Students who qualify are also able to participate in Ohio's College Credit Plus program.


College Credit Plus

Our College Credit Plus program allows qualifying high school students to take dual enrollment courses online, where they can simultaneously earn high school and college credit. Students can save thousands of dollars and get a head start on college while receiving support and guidance from our staff. Through our partnership with Ohio Christian University, students can participate absolutely free of charge.

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